1. How should I arrange my furniture so it feels right in my home?

Selecting furniture that is properly scaled for the room is key to making things look and feel “right.” Many people buy furniture because they love it, without giving any thought to size and scale. Our designers are skilled at looking at a space and identifying furniture that is appropriately sized. Whether you find the furniture or we do, we recommend using blue painters’ tape to mark out the dimensions of any big piece before you buy.

2. How do I buy the furniture I want while staying within my price range?

It is possible to get a designer look on a tight budget. Similar to fashion, there are usually quality knock-offs to be had at a lesser price. It takes time to find deals and diamonds in the rough. Our designers know where to look to help you find beautiful options within your budget.

3. I found a gorgeous glass tile for my backsplash, but I can’t afford it. Can you help?

As with any design choice, the price of tile can vary greatly. Our designers have access to styles that may not be available to the general public, and they can purchase materials with the trade discount afforded to professional designers. We are able to get a discount or find a comparable style at a lower price.  

4. I’m clueless about what kind of carpet to buy. What color and style makes the most sense?

This depends on the space. Is it a formal living room that’s not used frequently? Or, is it a high-traffic area that takes a beating? There are many things to consider when selecting carpet. In most cases, our designers can provide carpet recommendations after a quick consultation with the client.

5. Granite, Silestone, Corian, marble, concrete, butcher block, or plastic laminate? How do I decide what to use on my kitchen counter tops?

There are many things to consider when selecting a counter top material. Again, there is no one material that fits all. One thought to consider. Some materials, such as Marble, absorb bacteria easier than other solid surfaces such as Silestone. Our designers can provide recommendations on any material after a quick consultation.

6. Can you help me get discounts on furniture and fabrics?

Yes. Many furniture, fabrics, and other materials for the home are offered to design industry professionals at a discount. If we’re able to get a trade discount on an item for your project, we’ll pass on much of that savings to you.

7. I hate my kitchen and want to gut it. Where do I start?

We recommend looking at other kitchens to decide what you like. There are many great online resources such as Pinterest and Houzz that can help you organize your thoughts. Once you have your wish list, our designers can help you determine what’s feasible for the space and present recommendations in CAD to help you determine a scope of work and a budget.

8. How do I find the right contractor?

35 Dollar Designer has an ongoing list of contractors we do business with and can recommend the right contractor for your needs.  We recommend you contact at least 2 contractors when gathering bids for a project. However, word of mouth and personal references are probably the most common ways people find contractors. Online sources such as Angie’s List and Yelp can also be a great place to find reviews. Don’t be afraid to check references and ask to see some of their work